Frequestly Asked Questions about GlobalPAD online courses

How do GlobalPAD on-line licences work?

In order to have access to GlobalPAD courses users need to have a personal single-user licence. This is linked to a private email address and must not be shared with anyone else. The licence is valid for one year from the date that the licence is allocated to the user and is not transferable. When a single licence is purchased it is assumed that the person purchasing the licence will also be the user of that licence and therefore it is allocated immediately payment is received and the licence will expire one year from date of purchase.


Is it possible to buy more than one licence at a discount?

As teaching institutions often wish to purchase licences on behalf of their students, it is possible on GlobalPAD to purchase multiple single-user licences at a significant discount. In these instances it is not assumed that the person making the purchase will need a licence themselves, so when payment for the order is confirmed the user placing the order is given an administrative account at GlobalPAD that allows them to allocate the licences they have purchased to individual students. Each licence is only activated when it is allocated to the student so as to ensure that each student gets a full one year of use from the day they are given the licence.


Is it possible to purchase a multiple-user licence?

The term 'multiple-user licence' does not apply to courses delivered online. Multiple-user licences apply when software is installed on local area networks, allowing them to be shared by many different users. In those circumstances, use of the software is controlled by restricting access to a limited list of named users and to a limited number of computers on which the software can be accessed. It can also be controlled by limiting access to a specific number of concurrent users. GlobalPAD online courses are not delivered in this format and no software is installed locally. The only software required by users is a web browser, with access to the Internet and the appropriate plug-in for Adobe Flash content installed. Therefore, the concept of a multiple-user is not applicable to courses delivered online. Instead, institutions need to purchase as many single-user licences as they need to provide one licence per individual student. The cost of individual licences drops significantly the more multiple single-user licences are purchased together at one time.


Is it possible to purchase a site licence?

GlobalPAD courses are delivered online via a web browser and no additional software is installed on local networks or machines; therefore, the concept of a site licence which requires permission to install software locally so that it can be available to all users is not applicable. GlobalPAD software runs from a LMS (Learning Management System) hosted on the Internet.


May a licence be shared by more than one user?

Online course licences are registered against a single individual identified by a personal email address and as such are not designed to be shared. Each unique user will need his or her own licence.


May a licence be transferred to a different user?

Once a licence has been allocated to a user, and a specific email address has been associated with it, that licence is deemed to have been used, irrespective of whether that user ever makes use of the licence - in much the same way as a user purchasing their own individual licence. So once a licence has been allocated it cannot be reallocated or transferred to a different user. It is not possible to change the details of a user once the licence has been allocated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the person allocating multiple single-user licences to ensure that details, such as email addresses, are entered correctly and that students make use of the licence purchased on their behalf.


May a user access the course from more than one location?

Yes. One of the major advantages of issuing individual licences for online courses is that users are not limited to using a particular machine, network or location to access their learning materials. GlobalPAD courses can be accessed by users from college, home and most mobile internet-enabled devices for a full year, irrespective of the length of the course they attend. It is therefore much easier for them to take full advantage of the course material in their own time.


May a licence be set up on a single computer for more than one user?

As the software is hosted on the Web, licensed users can now access their online course from anywhere provided they have access to an Internet connection. This means that no software is installed on local machines. It is not possible, therefore, to have a licence that restricts use to specific computers.


Is an Internet connection required to access the course?

Yes. As the course software is not installed locally but hosted entirely on a web server, it is essential that the user has access to the Internet in order to access the course. This access can be via a networked computer, a home computer with a broadband connection, or via a Wifi or Cellular internet connection. Although it may also be possible to access the course via a home dial-up connection, the use of video content in the course may mean that a dial-up connection is not fast enough in some instances.

Which Web browsers can be used to access these online courses?

All web browsers should be able to work with the course content, provided that they are able to display Adobe Flash content. Most browsers will support Flash and probably already have an Adobe Flash Player / Plug-in already installed. Where this is not the case, the web browser will normally prompt the user to download and install a free plug-in when Flash content is encountered. PLEASE NOTE: Although all browsers are able to play Adobe Flash content, Apple iOS devices like iPhones, iPods and iPads do not support Adobe Flash and therefore the EASE courses cannot be accessed from these devices. Apple Mac PCs and laptops running Safari or other browsers should still be able to run all other GlobalPAD courses.


Are EASE CD-ROMs still available for purchase?

No. Current Windows operating systems are incompatible with the EASE CD ROMs and so we have withdrawn them from sale. We have reconfigured and refreshed the content of the CD ROMs and made them available online instead.

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